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The city is located on the upper reach of the Tarnava Mica river, in the Praid-Sovata depression, at the south-west foot of the Gurghiu Mountains (Eastern Carpathians), elevation 475-530 m, 65 km east of the city of Targu Mures (Mures county seat). It can be reached by car using the DN13 Sovata-Balauseri and by train on the railway line 307 Blaj - Tarnaveni - Praid. It is bordered on the north with the 912 m height hill of Cireselu, on the east with the Stejaru hillof 649 m, on the north-east with the Biches or Becheci hill of 1080 m and on the north-east with Mountain Gurghiu with its Saca Peak of 1777 m.

The all-season resort of Sovata was first mentioned as a place for healing in a document from 1597, but only in 1850 as a resort. It is surrounded by hills Cireselu (912 m), Chapel (720 m), Bechis (1079 m), the Mic Hill and the Sarat Mountain, covered with forests of beech, oak, elm, chestnut, fir and birch.

The resort has an alpestrine climate, with cool summers (average temperature in July is 18.5 C) and mild winters (average temperature in January is -3.5 C). The average annual temperature is 7.6 C and average annual rainfall is 750 mm.

The reputation of the Sovata resort is given by the lakes Ursu (46,000 m2), Alunis (9,000 m2), Green (5.000m2), Black, Red, Blackbird and Snakes with chlorinated water (high concentration - from 40 to 250 g / liter) and sodium, presenting the phenomenon of heliothermy (summer temperature varies depending on solar heat accumulation in salt water, hot water is protected by a layer of fresh water from the rivulets, which does not mix with salt water, but remains on the surface, acts as a thermal insulator). Because of these factors, the summer temperature of Lake Ursu (18.4 m depth), the largest heliothermal lake, varies between 10-20 C at the surface, 30-40 C at a depth of 1 m and 40-60 C at depth of 1.5 m.

The resort is recommended for treatment of gynecological diseases (ovarian insufficiency, chronic cervicitis, chronic metrosalpingitis, sterility) but also degenerative, inflammatory and rheumatic diseases (cervical, dorsal, lumbar arthrosis, poliarthrosis, joint pain, tendinitis, scapulohumeral arthritis) , post-traumatic conditions (after healed operations on joints, muscles, bones, dislocations and sprains), diseases of the peripheral nervous system (light pareses, sequels after poliomyelitis, polyneuritis), endocrine disorders (hypothyroidism, after endocrinological treatment), cardiovascular disease (ulcers, acrocyanosis).