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Known as the City with 1,000 springs, Covasna is a spa resort of international rank, recommended for the natural treatment of cardiovascular conditions. With a calming bioclimate sparing the central and autonomic nervous system and rich pine resin aerosols, Covasna is the perfect destination to treat stress, neurosis and pulmonary diseases. The Covasna climate ensures a positive effect on the entire body.

Benefiting from the natural conditions offered by existing natural springs in Covasna, Hotel Hefaistos Covasna offers its guests a variety of procedures under the guidance of medical professionals at competitive prices, our offer including hot mineral water baths, natural steam treatments in CO2 pits, paraffin treatments, electro therapy, physical therapy, massage and gym.

Warm baths with mineral water are made in carbon dioxide and mineral-rich spring water, with a temperature of 30-33. Recommended in heart failures, hypertension, coronary heart disease and Raynaud's syndrome, mineral baths offer many benefits which include peripheral blood vessels dilatation, increased cardiac and systolic output, heart rate reduction and decreased peripheral vascular resistance.

Treatments in natural steam pits rich in CO2, by exposure to high concentrations of carbon dioxide, have a beneficial effect on the blood flow, being considered an excellent diet to increase body resistance to exercise, with peripheral, cerebral and muscle blood vessels dilatory effect and is recommended in the treatment of hypertension, dermatological and locomotory diseases, hypertension pressure, neurosis and metabolic disorders. The treatment in CO2 pits is only available with a doctor's prescription, the sessions growing in length from 5 to 20 minutes during